Thursday, January 18, 2007

more ART in L.A.

This is part of the garden at the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena. Two days of art in a row! Norton Simon's personal art collection is amazing and comprehensive. I especially enjoyed the late 19th -21st c. If you go to their website and browse by artist, you'll see some of the pieces I could have grabbed and run home with: Degas & Diebenkorn, for starters. The place was full of sculpture - Degas, Rodin, Noguchi, Barbara Hepworth, Giacometti. But by yesterday I was too tired and grouchy from the cold to take pictures. I must say, there were a bunch of sophmoric men in business suits who were taking turns photographing each other with a statue of a nude woman.

I am now home and glad to be here. Finally, I can catch up on e-mail.


Lisa Walton said...

Rayna - the font size on the side of your blog seems to have grown to giant size - are you feeding it too much?

Rayna said...

Lisa - is it your monitor or mine?
I select 'small' when I post. Does anybody else have a too-large problem?

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