Wednesday, January 02, 2008

clearing the clutter

Ha - before I get sidetracked, Marty is home - qvetching and creaking and uncomfortable, but he's managing. Right now, sleeping in his favorite chair because it is better than the bed, the way he is feeling. I am about to go upstairs shortly. My mother is staying in hospital a few more days for physical therapy before she goes back to her assisted living. I may sign myself in somewhere before long! Tall Girl, my sense of adventure is stretched a bit these days - but I have to find the humor somewhere.

This morning I read an article about how every January 2, cluttered people go out and buy containers, boxes, files, and other things that promise to make them neat and organized. WRONG. Clutter is not a space problem, said the article - it is a person problem. True enough! Just think of all the people you know who live in tiny spaces (or whose studios are small) and how many of them are uncluttered. These saintly souls actually THROW THINGS OUT. On the other hand, the brains of people who save things register high anxiety when faced with having to decide what to keep and what to throw. I plow my way through the papers and garbage in my studio, YET AGAIN, I realize it will always be my problem. I just threw out piles of paper and reorganized a shelf or two of my bookcase. I have six empty plastic boxes: empty because I have no room for them if they are full; this way, I can stack one inside the other and put all the lids on top.

Of course, if I wanted to use them for storage, I would have to buy another bookcase. But I don't have room for one.

All this leads me to the fact that I am ready to dispose of some small pieces that I had put away in one of those boxes. I will sell them for half of what the price was for these and other pieces in the series. Tune in tomorrow. I am going to bed.


Linda Branch Dunn said...

Thanks for the laugh, painful as it is. Don't get me started on the boxes, the piles, the things rescued from the trash. We try to keep me under control. I think I'll go throw one thing out. (but o, which one?)

Judy said...

Gawd Rayna, what a way to bring in the new year! I am so sorry to hear about Marty and your Mom, but as you say, at least they were both housed in the same facility. PT is the big buggaboo for my Mom. If they offered it in Assisted Living Facilities here, my Mom would not have to live in a skilled care place. Oh well, such is her life! We got her one of those new Jitterbug phones over the holidays, and are now having to put up with "Chatty Cathy" and her new toy! Which reminds me, I need to go add extra minutes on to her phone plan!

I myself am being challenged to clean out my dressing room......and then perhaps my sewing room. I was successful in my pantry, but that was only because I was procrastinating some other project! My life is one big game of procrastination. ARGH


Gerrie said...

Oy, what a way to start the new year. I'm glad Marty is none the worse than some aches and pains.

Good luck with the studio declutter. I agree that it is a mind problem. I think the way you work requires that you collect stuff and it is great stuff.

Diane said...

Glad Marty is home and hope mom is continuing to recover, too. If you decide to check in, find me a bed, too!

I have the "need to clean" bug, but since I am a pack rat, there are LOTS of things to sort. Much easier at school, but, I do manage to keep the garbage men guessing...where does that stuff come from???

Take care, dear.

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