Friday, January 25, 2008


Wow! What an exciting topic! I guess it could be art and design related, huh? I have been surfing the plumbing supply websites in search of a faucet I could love for my powder room. Can you tell what a sad place my life is in if this is the big excitement? I fell in love with the faucet above, but papa bear thought it was too narrow and didn't relish a flat ribbon of water falling on his hands (in a sink he rarely uses).

So, back to drawing board. He really liked THIS one, but it seemed too ordinary to me. He thinks it's graceful and he has a point: but, eh ...
I kept looking. Then I found this one which was a good compromise. The graceful spout and the contemporary bottom part. I think it will do.
As you might imagine, I have been making quite a study of faucets. Some of the most daring and expensive ones are in the ladies' room at MOMA. These fancy, expensive AXOR faucets dribble water all over the countertops and whoever bought them for MOMA was obviously more concerned with design than function. It makes me roll my eyes every time!

I could go on about what most of the "designer" faucets remind me of, but I won't. I wil, instead, head for my beauty sleep so I can be ready for the flight to Cleveland tomorrow.
I will keep you posted if there is anything wonderful to say.


Terry said...

Oh, I love that top one! Like them all, but that one is really beautiful. If you go with this style, make sure the sink is big enough that the water pours, roughly, into the drain area and not onto the front slope. We had a beautiful brass faucet in our bathroom, that arched like the ones shown, but the sink was too small for it and it always splashed water onto the countertop. It got to be such a pain that we finally replaced it with a cheap, close to the sink, faucet.
Oh, and no, I don't think an obsession with faucets is at all strange or pathetic! I've been all over Portland looking for an instant hot water thingie that doesn't have an ugly faucet! (finally found one)

Deb H said...

I love the top one too. Very contemporary, I bet the flat ribbon of water would wrk just fine. Maybe your DH isn't a contemporary type guy. Does it come in other finishes? Maybe he'd like it if it were antiqued bronze or something?

We've been through a major remodel, in the past several years. Actually we're still going through it, & I find plumbing very interesting.

I know quite a bit about toilets now, as a matter of fact!

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