Monday, January 07, 2008

when all else fails, sew strips

So says the well known consultant, Ms. Closet. We haven't heard from her in a while - but tonight, I got a telepathic message from her with that advice. Unfortunately, this activity has left me exhausted after only a little while because: 1) I have to stand to cut the strips, and 2) I have not mastered Ms. Closet's efficient method of cutting all the strips and then sewing all the strips. NO, I cut, walk over to the machine and sew; walk back to the table and cut another strip, then back to the machine to sew.

But please don't tell the efficient Ms. Closet ; she will be SHOCKED at my disorganized approach to this activity after all her training.

At a loss after my strip-cutting fiasco, I started digging around in some rubbermaid containers I had brought up from the basement. I found such treasures that I simply must share them with you. This archeological dig yielded a wealth of simply divine pieced blocks that have been sadly languising at the bottom of the barrel. Yes, blocks that I pieced as I experimented with a variety of patterns. Look! Aren't they wonderful? I love them all.

And there were more. (I hope Ms. Closet doesn't read this blog and see the threads all over my design wall - that would be another shock for her).
I'm not kidding - I love these blocks! Depression era patterns. Can you believe I made these?
And one more thing you have to see: HAND PIECING!!

I think this was the beginning of a change, believe it or not. Here's why I think so...This traditional hand-piecing went only so far. The orange triangles were - GASP - FUSED onto the large blue triangles. Fused! (I rarely fuse, even today). And if my mind has not deserted me altogether, I believe the blue fabric was a clamped piece dyed by none other than my mentor, Ms. Closet! Full circle, huh? I should probably do something with all these UFOs.

End of tonight's magical mystery tour. Tomorrow, two of Marty's sons, our daughter-in-law, and our grandkids from Bethesda will poke their heads in to visit the patient. nite nite, all.


Gerrie said...

Thanks for the tour down your quilting memory lane. Those blocks look nothing like your current work.

Rayna said...

Just goes to show, there's hope for everybody - LOL.

Rachel said...

Your strip sewing method isn't inefficient, it's exercise!

Judy said...

I love those blocks too.........but most especially the last one! The colors are just great! I think what I like most is the message that we all must crawl before we can walk and run...even you! LOL


lizzieb said...

Hey, you have enough to make a sampler quilt....back to square one!

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