Thursday, January 24, 2008

e-mail hell

It started last night when the Homestead server refused to forward my mail to my comcast server. After five years of forwarding my mail through my website, H-mail has decided that is not a valid address. 24 hours almost nonstop on the "$#@&$)@#I phone with those people and they still haven't figured out what the problem is.

Bottom line - for the time being, till Homestead gets its act together, I am using (against my grain) as an e-mail address. Bleh. It has no pzzazz. It is boring. All the spammers use it. But you need to use it, too - for now. I have had to change it in every yahoogroup I belong to, every other group (oops, forgot dyers list) - and I have wasted an entire day with this. I am, putting it as an understatement, greatly peeved.

With all this phone time, it is a miracle that I have managed to print a few things in the last 24 hours. I know we've talked before about how our environment subconsciously influences our art but it still always amazes me to see the relationships. As I was going through some of the pieces I printed recently, I observed...

the rag rug in the front hall
a screened fabric
my mother's blouse
another screenprint
I did a bunch of gelatin prints, too - but they are for another time. I am done printing for now; tomorrow, I have to get my nails done for my TV taping. It is kind of funny because in the space of one minute, I will undoubtedly have blue paint or some such all over my hands.

Saturday morning I leave. I do hope this e-mail business gets sorted before I go - but I have a feeling it won't. Nevertheless, I will try to find time to report.


sion said...

you own, right? If you bought & control the domain name yourself (ie you have a dotster or godaddy or whatever account) you could just set yourself up a mail forwarding account at zone edit. Free for up to 5 domains I think. I used it for years when I had limited control over my web hosting, so I had a central point to change IPs and so on if my hosts changed servers or I changed hosts etc. Mail forwarding that completely bypasses homestead should take effect almost immediately. Is forwarding the only option? IE, does homestead not offer proper POP email accounts?

Russ Little said...

Sound like a seriously bad day. Sorry I missed you before you left for the taping. Safe travel. I hope it turns out to be lots and lots of fun. Sounds like you could use a break.

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