Friday, January 11, 2008

more dominos

This is what my downstairs studio alcove looks like tonight, after several hours of moving things around. I had to get a lot out of the way because I'm going to ask the contractor to save the cabinets and pantry and put them downstairs for storage. I am not done yet, but I'm making progress.

Spoke to the cabinet guy, the floor guy, the contractor, and Feb 4 looks like an auspicious date.

Meantime, here is a piece of fabric that I screen printed on top of some batik that I had made. I shall meditate as I look at it. As I look at it, I realize how influenced my visuals are by my woods.
Hopefully, nobody will wake me too early tomorrow morning.


Gerrie said...

I like that piece. It does look very woodsy. I feel left out - all my friends are designing and installing new kitchens. Hope you got to sleep in.

Linda Branch Dunn said...

The bottom have reads like a landscape --- maybe you have two pieces there, not one.

Hang in there with the reno.

Linda Branch Dunn said...

Or maybe you have one long piece there --- what if you moved the top quadrants to either side of the bottom half?

PaMdora said...

Looks very clean! Can you see the woods from your studio?

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