Thursday, January 10, 2008

domino effect

I am packing up my kitchen cabinet and drawer contents and putting them downstairs. Because I think I should reuse some of the cabinets for STORAGE in the alcove, I have to clear out the printing alcove, which will now become my husband's part-time office when he works at home in bad weather.

Tonight I began packing my dyes and paints so I can take down the shelf and had a few liquid dyes I hated to toss. (Sorry for the fuzzy picture.) These came out remarkably well for sitting-around-dyes, except for the dye that purported to be terra cotta. The red fabric, after washing, looks identical to the yellow. Otherwise, I am pleased with tonight's output.

While going through my fabrics, I came upon this piece of cloth I had printed a while ago and forgotten.
My first reaction was "what was I thinking?". I don't know how I printed the blue: no doubt a screening experiment. The silver. intended to improve the blue blobs, was a screen I made from a piece of cork tile. I find it kind of interesting now. The "cardboard cabanas," as Judy Carpenter refers to them, are ready to be quilted. That might be tomorrow's exercise. How to quilt a piece sans angst. And I will continue to empty the kitchen cupboards.

I'm kitchen obsessed and am enjoying reading about everybody else in Blogland who is doing kitchens. As usual, I am up too late.


marion said...

I find the blue interesting too, fwiw. And I confess to awarding you with the 'you make my day' award, just because...grin... if you have already received it, feel free to disregard!

Judy said...

I'm with Marion: you always make my day too!
Oooops: did I hit a tender spot with the cabana comment?
xo, sneeze sneeze, cough, cough, xo

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