Monday, January 21, 2008

sow's ear

That's what I call this piece, which I just finished stitching. I am rather pleased with the way it turned out, despite the fact that it is not typical of what I do anymore. But I need to be doing mindless work these days. The border, btw, is not red, no matter what your monitor says. It is salmon.

I am not sure that you can see the stitching from here, but it makes a difference of sorts. I am on a mission, as I may have mentioned before, to simplify my stitching and not agonize over how I should stitch a piece when it is done. Getting there, bit by bit.

Cleaned up my room again for a change today because I couldn't think straight. This is mess.
This is a less mess, but much better. The table is moved, the design wall is clean, and I can think. As you can see, Sow's Ear is on the table. This gives me the illusion of working.
Actually, I have spent the weekend putting together a lecture in Powerpoint which I can then show on my new digital projector instead of using slides. A pricey but convenient way to give slide lectures. Tonight, I tried out my new projector. It is cute and small and I should be able to travel with it easily.


Helen Cowans said...

The digital projectors are wonderful! I got one in October for my talks. Worth the investment :) Glad your studio looks like mine - used :)

PaMdora said...

very cool transformation!

Gerrie said...

I like it. I am working at simplifying my quilting, too, and I am musch happier with it. And the border is salmon on my monitor.

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