Wednesday, January 16, 2008

why orange?

It is far from my favorite color, and yet, taking inventory of the fabric I have printed this past year, I find that much of it is orange or has orange in it. Today, I finally went to the studio for a few hours. I meant to stop in for a minute but was so happy to be there that I stayed - and overprinted a couple of pieces of fabric. One was a throwaway, the other is on some kind of journey without a destination - seems to be a pattern. I brought them home, steamed and washed them, and realized how many pieces I have in that color. This is the tip of the iceberg. I have a wall full of yellows/oranges/reds/rusts in the studio. I added orange to yesterday's piece and it is happy on an orange background. Obviously, I have a craving for that color: what is going on?

Here is an interesting website about chakra colors - if you forget that they are selling gemstones and crystals, the information is pretty interesting and gave me a good idea of what is going on.
When this Chakra is blocked we experience guilt, stiff lower back, restlessness, confusion...
I guess I am trying to bring my Chakras back into balance, because orange is the color of joy, enthusiasm and creativity and promotes a general sense of wellness.

Looking at these fabrics, I feel better already. In fact, I just took an on-line chakra test and guess which chakra came out as my strongest. Yep, the 2nd one - connected to orange.

Then there is green: my soapstone counters-to-be are green: I MUST have green - not black, not grey: green!! No matter that it will morph to a dark green -- I crave that color in my new kitchen.
Green is the color of balance. It also means learning, growth, renewal, and harmony. Green is the color of nature. It brings peace and harmony into our lives. It is the color of Healing and Hope, optimism, freedom, balance. Bottom line - with all these sick family members, I am ready for some healing, hope, freedom, and balance.

I found a lot of interesting quizzes tonight - this is just one of them. What Color is Your Brain? Click on the link below the picture to find out what color your brain is.
Right now, color mine fuzzy.

What Color Is Your Brain?


Rachel said...

I don't know why orange, but when my phone died the other day, I really wanted to order a new orange one. I didn't, but was sorely tempted! Better check my chakras, too.

Terry said...

Oh yes, I am totally into orange these days, albeit an earthy orange. It just feels warm and positive to me. And green. My countertops are going to be green too. This post of yours was so affirming to my current state of color mind!

Gerrie said...

I associate orange with winter because that is when I eat oranges. Does that make sense. The color and the fruit provide what we need in this fallow time.

Your quiz taking made me laugh. How do you have time to find quizzes on line and do all the other stuff that you do? You amaze me.

Judy said...

I'm with Gerrie on that last bit about finding time!
I've always loved orange. I recall making an orange Tent Dress (anybody remember those?) as part of my high school senior year wardrobe - quite chic! LOL
Yes, and you do need a lot of green in your life right now!


Eva said...

My brain is green, too

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