Friday, December 04, 2009

highly miscellaneous

Good morning. I started this last night but got too tired and had to go to bed - so here is my last night's post this morning, before I get to work. First, before I forget, I have had a number of e-mails asking what happened to the scarves I had posted on the blog a few days ago. I have relocated them to a page where you can use PayPal directly (which you couldn't do on the blog). There are only six of these left, so if you need a gift, go here to find one. Next, somebody asked what it means to "block the box." (which reminds me, I had better write a check to pay the damn fine). In NY, if you are crossing an intersection and the car in front of you stops in a traffic jam and your car has the front end in the crosswalk and the rest in the intersection, you get a fine. Like - what are you supposed to do? Fly over the car in front of you? It's a fund-raiser. A nerdy guy in a cop's uniform had the job of standing on the curb with his little ticket book, waiting for cars that invariably got stuck as I did, which has to happen 100 times a day or more just in that one spot. GRRRRRRR...... After we got home on Thursday night, we had company before dinner: my sweet and talented artist nephew, Oliver Halsman-Rosenberg,who has spent the past year in India and is home for 6 weeks before he goes back; my cousin Mimi from Fla. who is up north for a week, and my sister-in-law Irene, O's mother, who is also a talented artist and photographer. Her father was the famous photographer, Philippe Halsman. You will recognize Philippe's photographs of Marilyn Monroe, Salvador Dali, and Albert Einstein, among others. And to see Philippe's rare pix of Marilyn, go here. Yesterday, I finally recovered Jessica's throw pillows with the fabric she had bought at IKEA a couple of months ago, looking for kitchen cabinets. I always say I make fiber art but I can't sew. Three of the sides of the pillow were no problem, but stitching the fourth side by machine was a pain and as a result, the project took me all afternoon. Nonetheless, they will do. Tommy and I spent a good part of yesterday at Home D scouting for vanities (all were butt ugly) and at the granite yard, finding samples to bring home to Jessica. That was more successful. Time to get to work and maybe I will have more to report tonight. Or not.


Gerrie said...

I usually make pillow covers so that they open on the back side, like an envelope. Sometimes a put a button and loop. Then they can be removed for washing or drycleaning. It is really easy.

San Fran has that intersection thing, too. Portland now has green boxes for bikes and you can get a ticket for being in the green box.

Diane said...

you know it's funny. I can stitch til the cows come home but when it comes to my machine. UGH! I have a whole pile of work right now just waiting for the requisiite stitching on machine needed to finish them. No telling when that will happen!

Leslie Tucker Jenison said...

Block the Box:
I paid a fine for my daughter, who received a very expensive ticket for just that on her birthday this spring: we were behind a huge truck and stuck in an intersection in Manhattan. We couldn't even see the traffic light, much less realize that it had turned red.
The cop directed us to the right lane and we (foolishly) assumed he was trying to be helpful. Ugh.

Cindy Cooksey said...

So many wonderful textures on your blog! I wore your scarf on Thanksgiving and again last night - it always gets positive comments.

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