Friday, December 18, 2009

things I know

1) I did not win the NJ $11million lottery this week. 2) I can sleep late tomorrow. 3) Last night's forecast was correct. viz As bad as it gets in New Jersey Saturday be thankful you’re not in Baltimore. Or on Long Island, for that matter.

Barring last-minute changes in the forecast, the season’s first big blow will go easier on the Garden State than on its neighbors up and down the East Coast, bringing 4 to 10 inches of snow to northern New Jersey.

If that sounds inconvenient, consider Baltimore and nearby Washington, D.C., where residents were bracing for a blustery 20 inches, or Long Island, which was under a blizzard warning.

It is coming down and the plows have made their first few runs through the condo development. Earlier, my omingrid measured 2" vs a foot down the shore at Joanie SanChirico's house. But it keeps coming. I think a blizzard has hit Maryland-DC-Northern VA.

More things I know

4) It is good to have food in the house when a snowstorm is due.

We hit the supermarkets today with the rest of the population and now we have stuff to eat, which was not the case this morning. Can you imagine being out of these?? Without them, I can't cook. (isn't this a great graphic?)

6) I am not cut out to do minimalist work. It gives me a headache. I thought I would play with just line and color but I was so bored that this is as far as I got tonight before I took it off the wall. It could be anybody's work -- there is nothing that identifies it as mine. Bah.

7) This is better since I added some squares on the right hand side to minimize the pink. Now I can put it away.

8) Vaut mieux être riche et en bonne santé que d'être pauvre et malade.


tiedyejudy said...

Re: the blizzard... yeah! Just what we had on the 7th-8th... we stocked the pantry up before the storm and rode it out. Love being retired and not having to try and dig out so I can open the office! BTW, I like the final result of the piece with pink - you do work miracles! Stay warm...

kathy said...

I see your minimalist piece with quilting and then some paintstiks or other paint on it....

Eva said...

We had a few cold days, temperatures going down to 12° F. And it keeps snowing. J witnessed a number of accidents on the way home on Friday, and he said, some people drive as if they hadn't understood it's snowing.

I can see what you mean to say about the "boring" piece. It seems to find pleasure in resistance and will challenge you into creating something very special.

Joanie Gagnon San Chirico said...

TWO feet now here today! So pretty though.

Debra said...

I like the final piece (pink one) but then I like pink!

Gee, I was complaining today that I had to put on a jacket. Stay warm and I'll send some sunshine your way!

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