Wednesday, October 06, 2010

another studio day

Afternoon, anyway.  I printed a couple more scarves - both of which need more work.  Tonight, between steaming, washing, ironing the silk and putzing around on the computer, I actually sewed facings on two sides of a quilt I finished earlier this year.  The other two remain to be stitched on and then I have to hand-stitch the rest.  yes, I know about fusing.

I am not the slightest bit embarrassed to put this butt-ugly silk up here because I want you to see what I go through when I print.  First, I dyed it.  Then I deconstructed on it (the fine lines didn't show up very well).  It was still ugly, so I discharged through a screen and printed on top.  Nothing helped - although if you are a redhead, I suspect it may work for you.  However, I will go back in again and do something - either add or overdye or both.  But not tomorow: I am teaching a thermofax class.

The scarf says (among other things), "If you wish good advice consult your mother."  I once had a customer who was about to buy a gorgeous scarf (not this one) till she spotted that line. She had had an unhappy childhood and disliked her mother intensely.  She picked out another scarf.  Guess I had better use that phrase judiciously!

Past bedtime and I need to be bright and shiny at 9:am.  Hope to post pix tomorrow night.


Eva said...

This customer had a chance
-- to reconsider her relationship to her mother
-- to show a bit of good humor.
Such things come as a surprise. Actually we should be grateful for these opportunities.
Hope we'll see further stages of this piece...

PaMdora said...

I love that story and Eva's response gave me a good morning laugh. People are strange!

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