Friday, October 08, 2010


I have to admit that these are all very tempting and I hardly know which of these convincing letters to answer first. 

What gets me is that supposedly intelligent people who get these things and similar ones asking to purchase their artwork or set up workshops, actually have to post and ask whether people think it is a scam.  Read the grammar, people!    Etc.

Good day Friend,

Compliments of the day with your entire family, It’s just my urgent need for foreign partner that made me to contact you for assistance. I am a banker by profession in west Africa and currently holding the post of Director Auditing and Accounting unit of the bank.

I have the opportunity of transferring the left over funds ($11.6 million) of one of my bank clients who died in crash since five years ago and none of his family member or relation has come for the claim, and now the bank is planning how to confiscate the fund since no one has come for  the claim. Please I need a honest and humanity foreign partner that we can both do this transaction together to achieve this success.

Hence, I am inviting you for the deal I will offer you 40% of the amount mentioned above and if you are sure you can handle the transaction and you are ready to assist me to execute this business, further details of the transfer will be forwarded to you as soon as i receive your return mail, have a great day.

For more clarification reply me back and please note that the claims is 100% risk free.


Hello Dear,

How are you and everything happening around you? I am contacting you because I need someone who will help me establish an orphanage, and also run a charity program with my life time savings as I will depart this wicked world due to esophagus cancer. I want to help the poor kids as much as I can. I am Malaysian, widow and have no one around me to trust as they all want to loot my money and never care about my interest. Presently I am at the hospital. The total amount for this project is $8.5million dollars and 50% of the money will be yours and 50% will be for the project. We have never met before but after going through your profile I decided to contact you. I wish you are the honest and hardworking type I am looking for. Please get back to me so that I can give you the details.

Madam Hafiza Aliza
My name is miss Linda I am interested in your friendship, I would also
like to know something about you. I want you to send a mail so I can
give you my picture for you to know whom l am. I think we can move on
from here. I am waiting for your mail (Remember the distance or color
does not matter, but love matter a lot in lif
Please reply me

Good Day.
My Firend,

How are you together with your family members?I think all is well. Despite the fact that I did not know you in person or have i seen you before but due to the reliable revelation,I decided to share this lucrative opportunity with you, I have no other choice, so kindly consider this message as vital, believing that sooner or later we will be multi millonaires,

First and formost, I have to introduce myself to you. I am Dr. Philip Johnson, THE FOREIGN OPERATIONS MANAGER OF OUR BANK here in my country, COTE D'IVOIRE WEST AFRICA. I am married with two children.

I want you to assist me in other to transfer the sum of Twenty Five Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Currency ($25.5,000,000.00) into your reliable account as the Next of Kin to our Foreign Business partner , the original owner of the fund. ...Unfortunately he met this sudden and untimely death and the worst thing that happened was the wife who suppose to be the successor of the account died alongside with him. Since the deceased left no body behind to claim the fund,... no body will come for the claim after you have applied. (ha- this is a relief!) If you are ready to assist me, set up a new bank account or forward to me any one avialable so that the process will commence.

Most kindly regards from your humble and most generous servant,


Connie Rose said...

OMG, Rayna, these letters are so unbelievable. What a hoot! What blows my mind is that whoever the hell these people are who send these things must really believe people are dumb enough to fall for them. I mean, if you really want to do a scam, make it sound really, truly professional instead of like you're illiterate. I think anybody who falls for this crap deserves what they get -- how could they be so stupid.

Liz Berg said...

oh Rayna, aren't you the popular one! I only get about 1 a month!

Eva said...

It must be more fun to read such things in one's mother laguage. Unfortunately, these people don't send me their spam in German.
But I remember the best sentence I found in an essay of one of my foreign students while I was teaching German; in English it would be:
"The police were overstrained and unable to provide problems for the people."

Libby Fife said...

The English language is tough to master, isn't it? I got on the African Connection after I signed up with Yahoo. I have since set my spam control to delete immediately.

Good luck with Linda; she sounds charming (and readily available).

Debra said...

I was so convinced until "Reply me back"; although, these days, Who Knows? that may be correct too. *wink*

tiedyejudy said...

Amazing... my force field is constantly up, so I don't bother to read these things when they come in... are there really people who would read these and take them seriously? Sheesh!!!

Sandy said...

snort! indeed. I am also sick of folks not knowing immediately when there is a scam afoot! Are people so intent on selling something, ANYthing, that they want to believe this crapola?

Thought of you yesterday in Publix where I found three (3!) different brands of tahini in three (3!!) different departments. I guarantee if I go back looking for it I won't find it, so I bought an extra one just in case you show up one day!

Gerrie said...


quilthexle said...

Honestly, I love those crazy mails. .. -grin- I get one once in a while, and they never miss to make me feel very confident regarding my English ;-)) As English is not my mother tongue, I'm sooo proud when even I can find terrible mistakes in those spam mails !!

wlstarn said...

I believe the 'esophagus cancer' in letter #2 should be 'esophageal.' Frankly, why does someone about to expire need all your money???

Don't these people know that MS Word has a spell check function. Annoying at times to those of us literate in English, but quite useful (yes, comment readers, I just wrote a sentence fragment. It's a comment. Get over it. LOL).

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