Tuesday, October 05, 2010

nothing about nothing

I think the sun came out yesterday but I spent the day clearing the decks. Got rid of dust and papers from my husband's desktop in the bedroom - and in the process, found his high school honor society certificate, his army discharge papers (which would qualify as mid-century modern if they were furniture) and untold envelopes of things that needed to be shredded.  My shredder is about to self-destruct from all the activity.

Raining again, so still no walk in the morning: I don't mind the cold but I draw the line at wet.  Lots of lines drawn this week...and it's only Monday.

I escaped to the studio today.  On Saturday I made a few screens and left them to dry.  Today, I printed...but somehow only managed to get three scarves finished.  I think I have lost my touch.  Nonetheless, I brought them home to steam and now they are washed and ironed. I am very low on inventory and have to order more from Dharma.  I need a bunch for our open studios on Nov. 7th. All those layers - so time-consuming; I must be out of my mind.

While I was at it, I used up the dye paste with soda ash in it and overprinted a few scraps of fabric that were ugly.  They did not improve, but tomorrow is another day.

It took me forever to get out of the house this morning. I was on my way out when the handyman arrived to close the window in the bedroom.  It's the kind that opens out and when it was balmy last week, I opened the window all the way.  Then the opener thingie came off the track and it wouldn't close.But I couldn't take the screen off to get at it because the gizmos holding the shade up there interfered and needed to be taken off.  However, I couldn't reach them.  So there we were over the weekend, freezing cold and damp because of the rain - and no way to close the window. 

Last night, I finally silenced the whining from the other side of the bed by throwing my first quilt on my husband's side.It weighs about 10 pounds, with double layers of polyester batting.Ugly but warm.
Tonight, all the windows are closed.  Not my choice, but there it is.

Jessica is in Chicago at the American Magazine Conference but I will visit Miss Emma on Sunday.  A surprise package for Emma arrived from my French cousins today -- une petite robe française, taille un an.Maybe from Baby Gap Paris??  We'll see.  Meantime, Emma has her first tooth, hates chicken (girl after my own heart) and is enjoying her high-tech, expensive playhouse.

I was greatly heartened by this, since my own kids played with measuring cups and spoons and pot lids and threw a blanket over two chairs to make a fort.  

Midnight - I am turning into a squash. 


TALL GIRL said...

glad to hear you used a quilt to silence the whining and not a pillow!

Ali said...

Now that's something ... about something. Love your posts.

Deb H said...

Awww, that miss Emma is adorable!

Eva said...

It takes quilts to survive. What a useful art.
Your grandchild is so charming, thank you for sharing these pictures!
I love the prints. The first one goes so well with my mood of remembering and listening to 40 years old music.

PaMdora said...

I don't think you've lost your touch at all. Your prints look great! Will you put more scarves on your website for sale, or are the new ones reserved for open studio?

tiedyejudy said...

Loved the post! Especially the part about putting two chairs together with a blanket over... I have fond memories of just that from ancient times! And I love the prints... you're too close to them, I'm thinking!

Dianne Hricko said...

Well finally made it past the blogger patrol and posted on Art Cloth Stuff!! YEA! Love your mention of the blanket over the chairs... some of my favorite memories... also the time my folks set me loose with a ball of string and the wrought iron fence surrounding our front porch. For many years I thought I would be a weaver because of that experience... it turned out that I liked the yarn and not the loom... but it is one of my early childhood memories.

Gerrie said...

You made me laugh this morning. I think I have had that window problem in my past. I think your prints are looking fantastic - at least you are doing something - more than I can say.

Also, thanks for the Emma pics.

Vivian Helena said...

Hi Rayna, that is too much fresh air, glad it was remedied.
I see your wonderful schedule for teaching.. How on earth do you get all your supplies into foreign countries or from one "flying" place to another.
Enjoy your day, vivian

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