Thursday, October 07, 2010

studio workshops

Yesterday's Thermofax studio workshop was a lot of fun and while two of the participants had never made or printed with thermofax screens they had a wonderful time and got some great results. I think I put a curse on the machine when my studio mate asked the other day, "what happens if it breaks?" I answered "it won't break."  Do you think she was trying to tell me something?

 Yesterday, it was creaking and then not shutting off and then burning through some screens. ARGH.  I opened it up and saw that one of the lever tabs was crooked, as was the way the cover fitted. I had the feeling it had been dropped or someone had tried to use it and not known how. Hmmm...

After a few manipulations and some straightening out, it worked fine - but I am a bit freaked out.

The five people (my limit in a studio workshop) spent the entire morning making screens from the images they had brought with them!  Then, they printed in the afternoon. Three, including Debbie Bein, had taken this class before and had requested a rerun.  Patricia and Shirley also work on paper and create wonderful books. Pat has one in her right hand because she is using the screens on paper and cloth at the same time. I absolutely love her blog - it always makes me smile.

Here is a quilt she made from whole cloth she had printed with Thermofax screens from her last workhsop with me, plus some stamping and other things.
 Shirley, testing out her screens to see if they really work. Yes, they do! She is taking a life drawing class and doing a lot of sketching, so she made many of her sketches into screens and printed them on cloth. They are varied and wonderful and I wish I had taken more pictures of them.

She also tested one out on a series of tags - and while they were drying, I took these pictures.

I love the idea of using screens on tags after you've printed with them - I may just steal this idea.  Patricia, Shirley, and Benedicte all do the tag thing.  Here are two souvenir tags -- one from Pat and one from Benedicte.  They are printed on both sides...would make great bookmarks!

Debbie Bein and her friend Kate were also there but left earlier than the others because Debbie was not feeling well and she was the driver. Debbie just made screens and will print at home; she had to conserve her strength for a big trip coming up.  She would not let me take any pictures of her, but here is Kate with the last thing she printed for the day with her new screens.

Benedicte looks happy even doing the fiddly stuff - taping the screens.
The three friends at the end of a day that started around 8:30 and ended after 4:00.  They went home with lots of screens, great prints, and much inspiration for new work.
The joy of teaching in my studio is that classes can run longer than they normally do when I travel because i live only 15 min from the studio.  There is lots of individual attention, a sense of camaraderie, and good light -- especially in winter.

**I am planning some more workshops for the fall and winter, since I have the first break from traveling in ages and actually need to be home.  I will post my schedule soon.   Check the pages link at the top right of this page. 


Benedicte said...

See that big roll of duck tape? I left it on your table! May it live happily ever after!!

Shirley said...

Yesterday I just HAD to try my screens with thickened procion MX dyes. I will post quilt journal page #6 of my blog when it is finished. Thanks for a fun day!

Dan Kent said...

I came here from Shirley's blog - love the effect you all get with the screens!

Vivien Zepf said...

What fun and gorgeous results!

Susan Schrott, Artist said...

Rayna...i wish I were there..looks like a great day was had by all. Somehow I need to know your teaching schedule better so I can show up for your workshops!

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