Saturday, October 16, 2010

it's 5:00 somewhere

So it's cocktail hour in my sewing room cum office cum home studio cum MESSY CATCHALL room. I actually think I like it this way, although you're not hearing that admission from me.

Yep, working at home today - but not doing what I really should be doing.  Instead, I mixed up some print paste and my screens are drying on the deck   It is cool and windy and there is no sun in the back, but one of the screens is almost dry and another is done. 
The one on the left is still gloppy and of course, the wind blew some newspaper on it and the globs printed on the newspaper, losing some of the print paste.  Oh,well. It probably won't matter by the time I print.  This is before it got messed up. 

Earlier today I was stitching a piece that I started months ago and which you have seen in several incarnations as I worked on it.   The straight line stitching on the strips is atypical for me, and doesn't feel like my work. OTOH - I was in a rush to just finish the damn thing, which has been sitting around for too long on the sidelines.  I am stitching the top part of the piece free-motion and sloppy, which is much more my style.  But I'm not done yet.  However, I put it up on my wall (which is sitting in the front hall, blocking the heating duct and the door to the garage) and here it is, in both the uncropped and cropped versions.

I think it needs to be cropped on the sides.

I originally had trees in mind but it didn't work out that way - LOL. This was really therapy sewing; I sliced and sewed these strips last January when I was in West Palm Beach for two not particularly easy weeks.  The guest room,where I set up my horrible used sewing machine, had dim light and I was working on a bridge table at night, with a piece of batting taped to the wall. It was truly depressing. But I am happy with what came out of it.  Go figure.

Yesterday, Marty and I went to get our flu shots. The farmer's market was open right outside the town library and I went a little bit crazy.  I bought freshly-dug potatoes (purple, yellow, and white ones - none of them very pretty and all of them good - and small).  Ditto for peppers: red, yellow, purple.
A gigantic head of lettuce and the most delectable tiny raspberries, yellow baby watermelon - and green tomatoes, which are impossible to find in the supermarket - or even at my local farm.  

I will fry a bunch of them tomorrow, before they - god forbid - turn red.  This morning, though, I cut one up, added a small red tomato, some scallions and herbs and goat cheese and had a really good omelette. Tasted better than it looks in the photo.  There are lots of recipes for green tomato this and that but I'll just fry 'em for a treat.

This whole blog has been an exercise in procrastination. It is only 8 pm but seems much later. I didn't go to bed till 2 last night because I was trying to get Mail Chimp to work so I could send out a newsletter.  But it is a big pain because it doesn't work with the browser I am using these days, which is Camino - a Mac browser from the people who brought you Firefox (which does not work any more with my blog).  A plague on all their houses!

Tomorrow, Jessica and Emma (who now has 2 teeth on the bottom and is standing) will be here for a minute or two.  They are sleeping at Jessica's father's tonight but I will drive them back to Brooklyn tomorrow -- a task I am happy to do.

Shall I turn in early, like an old person?  Not sure I am ready for Early Bird Bedtime.  Maybe first, a cuppa tea.


Marianne said...

Il est cinq heures Paris s'éveille.... jolie chanson qui va bien avec le post du jour

Judy said...

I love that piece on your wall and I can't wait to see what you do with the screens!
My latest favorite freed green tomato concoction is in a BLT, with both red and green Ts: try it, you'll like it!
Enjoy your time with Jessica and baby Emma, who is already not such a baby anymore!


Mandi said...

The cropped version looks great. I love this piece. Kind of like little buildings. But much snazzier.

TALL GIRL said...

Rayne, I love the new piece too! When I first looked at it I didn't see the BG only the trees!!! I also had fits and starts with mail chimp using both IE and Safari. So much so that this past week I decided to get that monkey off my back and did just a regular email blast for the last weekend of Open Studios.

TALL GIRL said...

sheesh....did it again...sorry for the misspell whatever your name is. it is hard to find a good typist!

tina said...

Rayna, are you sure those green tomatoes aren't tomatillos, husked? They sure have the tomatillo shape.

I like your work in progress too and it's really progressed :) from the last time you blogged about it.

Too bad my ultra-broke guild can't afford you, by the way. Oh well, we (you and I) tried, right?

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