Thursday, October 21, 2010

Liz Goodyear will surely rest in peace

Earlier this month, Liz Goodyear died. I posted about it on Facebook on October 8 and many of you saw the post.  For those of you who didn't see it, I am reprinting it here, along with the responses to my post.  I had blogged about Liz back in July, when Jessica and I went to visit her, but now that she is gone, it bears repeating.  Her dear friend Alison will scatter her ashes on a lake in Maine in a beautiful setting where there will always be a rainbow.

In case you are NOT on Facebook (is anybody in that category these days??) you need to listen to the audio on the NY Times link. 

If you saw it on FB, you can skip the rest of this post.

A truly remarkable, delightful, charming,funny woman who was sharp as a tack at 103. Liz was Jessica's friend and we spent a wonderful hour with a couple of months ago while she was still cheerful and full of hilarious stories. She danced with Martha Graham, was an actress, a playright, and hobnobbed with celebrities... and British royalty. Very special, totally down-to-earth - and a woman who made lemonade from lemons. She enriched everyone who spent time with her and she will be seriously missed by all who knew her.

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A group of friends gathered to sit vigil for Elizabeth Goodyear, a lifelong lover of books who died late last month at the age of 103.

    • Judi Hurwitt My condolences. :(
      October 8 at 10:36pm ·

    • Rayna Gillman Thanks! She's wonderful - watch the video if you didn't see it 2 years ago when the nY Times ran it.
      October 8 at 10:47pm · 

    • Judi Hurwitt I didn't see a video link, but the article was wonderful. She sounds like she was a remarkable woman.
      October 8 at 11:08pm · 

    • Rayna Gillman under her photo it says audio slide show.
      October 8 at 11:14pm · 

    • Judi Hurwitt Whoops, missed it. Crappy eyesight lol
      October 9 at 12:24am · 

    • Jane Aldoretta Wow -- what an inspiration! I could listen to her for hours and she had such vitality! I was thinking of doing an amazing woman series one day and she would be in it.
      October 9 at 3:35am · 

    • Martha C. Hall She sounds wonderful! You and your daughter were fortunate to know her.
      October 9 at 8:10am · 

    • Jessica Kleiman She was quite a special lady, that's for sure. I already miss her!
      October 9 at 10:30am · 

    • Gerrie Congdon What a rich life she lived!
      October 9 at 11:39am · 

    • Annie Smith Thank you for sharing the info about this remarkable lady.
      October 9 at 5:32pm · 

    • Carol Larson These elder women are such great aging models for the rest of us. Thanks for sharing her with us, Rayna!
      October 9 at 9:53pm · 

    • Rayna Gillman Liz, especially - a great role model!
      October 9 at 10:09pm · 

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