Saturday, October 30, 2010

today they took away the mattress

There were two in the guest bedroom below the ice machine; first one was hauled away earlier this week; the second one left this morning along with the anti-mould machines and fans (and concommitant noise).

Afterwards, I escaped to studio for an hour and a half and printed 2 scarves which look like they have some kind of pox.

This did nothing to cheer me up, but I steamed the 3 from yesterday's crop and I am happy with them.

Maybe I should fish those old newspapers out of the garbage and do a series.

The air conditioning guy came this afternoon to check the vents and ducts after all that water.  I spent the rest of the day on the phone with the appliance extended warranty people; I insisted on talking to a person with some decision-making authority, and she was great... so I may be getting someplace with replacement value for the ice machine.  Fingers x'd. I invoked the lemon clause in the contract, so there is hope.  It will not be another KitchenAid because their customer service is so abysmal.

Saturday looms and not much sleeping late because the contractor is coming to look at the damage in the morning.  Tuesday morning I deliver my work for this exhibit:

Still sewing a sleeve on one piece that may not even end up being in the exhibit.  Good for lowering my blood pressure, anyway.


Eva said...

Amazing how your inspiration seems to work even in such a situation of a stirred-up home... refuge in the studio... wish you lots of success with this exhibition!

Karoda said...

Quilting Restores Sanity could have been your sign if you had gone to D.C.

hangeth in there!

Judy said...

Your scarves are wonderful....amazing how the art emerges while you're in crisis mode! I'm glad you are finding studio time in spite of this disaster.

Warm hugs!

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