Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday night

Yes, the cousins came today and it was wonderful to see them. I made the Mediterranean Chicken Salad from the original Silver Palette Cookbook.

It is a wonderful, easy recipe and can be made the day before and the green beans added at the last minute. I didn't have beans, so I used asparagus -just as good.  I was too lazy to get up, go into the kitchen, scan in the recipe for you - so I googled it.  Found various bastardized recipes claiming to be this: one added some raspberry icky stuff (an updated Silver Palette recipe - bleh); another left out the imported black olives. But I found the original on line.

In about 1980, Marty and I were on the Upper West Side and the Silver Palette had a hole-in-the-wall store run by Sheila Lukins (who, sadly, died last year) and Julie Rosso.  We went in and bought some of this chicken salad and something else and I only remember that this stuff cost $8 a pound, which 30 years ago, was a fortune. But Marty bought it (we weren't married yet - LOL). Then, I bought the cookbook and made it myself, after that first time. Haven't made it for years - I often make the tarragon chicken salad -- but this was a treat.  And I got two quarts of chicken soup out of the deal.

Actually got some work done tonight, which is hard to believe if you look at the horizontal spaces. Ms. Closet, I am afraid that even YOU would give up trying to organize this mess.  I just shove it all aside and clear about 18" square to work in.  Actualy, I was working on the computer tonight so this mess didn't really bother me.

A couple of weeks ago I received my SQUARE in the mail, which is a gizmo that allows you to take credit cards on your iPhone (or probably a Droid, as well).  You plug the little thing into the headphone jack on your phone and it becomes a credit card terminal. Cute, huh?

 This is the little slot where you swipe the card.  I had some trouble and had to end up putting in the numbers manually, which costs more of a commission. So I complained and Square Inc sent me a new card reader and asked me to send back the first one.  The second one came yesterday and seems better.
  I think it takes some practice, like swiping the NY subway metro cards.  But now I will be able to take credit cards for my quilts, my scarves, my books, and whatever else.  I am perfectly happy with cash or checks but this is another option for people who want to buy stuff and would rather use a card. yay.

It has been a long day and tomorrow, the studio!  I have scarves to print and things to do.


Gerrie said...

i think we have a similar working style. Who needs more than 18 inches!!

Eva said...

Hard to tell what is more appetizing, the salad or the pile of scraps.

Judy said...

ohhhhhhh: I like that little Square! I'll have to keep that in mind just in case I ever have anything to sell!


Dianne Hricko said...

HI Rayna.... I just scanned an article about your little square yesterday while doing the Germantown Jewish Center show... don't know if it would have been much help. Keep us posted on how it is working and good luck on the open studio.

Liz said...

Rayna, that pile of fabric made me laugh!!! It looks so familiar:)

Karen M said...

Love the original Silver Palate cookbook. Mine is in tatters from so many years of use. I think the newer one was supposed to be healthier, but seriously? Healthy isn't what I'm looking for when I go to this cookbook!

Gail P said...

Thanks for the reminder about that recipe! Used to make it. lucky you to have gone to their hole-in-the-wall place. One of my favorites is from their "New Basics Cookbook," Pesto Walnut Risotto.
The pile of fabric is inspiring! Who needs a lot of work space?

Barbara said...

The chicken salad looks delish! Have you tried Paypal for accepting money from people? I'm assuming your new device is for taking money at shows.

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