Thursday, October 21, 2010

a new use for fabric

Isn't this wonderful?  Well, the fact of using a walker isn't wonderful but I LOVE how Gjeneve Hopkinson has decorated it to cheer herself up, after having a slight accident.  Deconstructed screenprinting and other goodies - many pieces donated by friends.  I simply had to share this!

Yesterday, I set out for Whole Foods but since it is in the same strip mall as the Dollar Store and K-Mart (an odd combination of demographics, don'tcha think?) I got sidetracked.  If I ever manage to print enough scarves for my open studios, there will be a mirror for people to admire themselves in, which I found at the Dollar Store.

Then I wandered into K-Mart, a store which I roundly despise because their customer service is so horrid.  Nonetheless, they have these wonderful cotton knit pants that are lighther than sweat pants and are soooo comfortable.  I had purchased a few pair in August and liked them so much that I went back for more.  Found only 2 in my size, not in my favorite colors but I bought them anyway, to the tune of $7.98 each. 

Then I found an as-yet unloaded rack of long-sleeved cotton t-shirts for $5.98 each (NOT made in China - although they were not made in the U.S., either).  Bought 5 white and 2 black (although 1 black was a v-neck by mistake and has to go back). Washed'em and sort-of shibori'd them, although I did this at home and most of my clamps are in the studio.  I was thinking I would sell them at open studios  but honestly, they are such heavy cotton and are so cozy and fit so well now that they have shrunk in the wash, that I decided to keep them for myself.  Perfect for winter and if I find more at another K-mart, I'll buy a truckload.  The only downside is polyester thread but most people don't care and even I don't care -- not for THAT price!

 This was supposed to be purple and you know how I feel about pink. Will have to overdye.

So that was yesterday's shopping adventure.  Today's was taking Marty to Lord & Taylor to buy a sport jacket and pair of slacks that fit so he can show up at his grandson's bar mitzvah not looking like a homeless person. Mission accomplished!  Reward - pastrami sandwiches/cole slaw/russian dressing for dinner.  The only trouble with that wonderful deli food is that it makes you very thirsty. Ah, well, you can't have everything.


Gerrie said...

OK, I may have to venture into K-Mart for the first time in eons. I used to get the greatest knit pants at Target and can't find them any more.

Vivien Zepf said...

Totally cool! You've inspired me to find my local KMart.

wlstarn said...

Guess who went to K mart yesterday (off the beaten path a bit), and came home with 4 white & 1 black? Nice heavy fabruc, and the back neck is actually taped.
The customer service/ store layout is just as awful here. We had a Super K for awhile that even had groceries, but apparently didn't do enough business to stay open.
I should have the white ones washed by the time my Dharma order comes on Tuesday (completely ran out of purple dye. Can't have that in LSU country LOL).

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