Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blogger ate my post

Really.  A whole story about my wasted hour with the tax assessor, trying to find out why our unit was assessed for more than any other same model on the street.  The guy was a complete moron.  Too tired now to recreate the conversation, which in retrospet was hilarious.

Thanks to Diane Nunez and Marilyn Levy, who saw the show, "It's Not Your Grandma's Fiber" in person, I have some pictures of the very interesting work in the show.   Mostly NOT quilts.  But too tired to post many of them - so here are just a few.  If you live near West Bloomfield, MI, GO!! Looks like a wonderful show at the JCC's Janice Charach Gallery.  Check my sidebar for details.

more tomorrow. 


Mostly Turquoise said...

Hi Rayna,

Thanks for showing the photos of the show, would love to visit, so your pictures are second best!

Eva said...

Love the ocean piece; this won't surprise you. And the New Age front cloth for a rainbow altar is gorgeous, too.
In case these stunning pieces in the first picture will be preserved until the next century, our progeny will wonder what purpose these objects served in their time.

Connie Rose said...

Fantastic work -- love that rainbow spiral thing, whatever it is!

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