Tuesday, January 11, 2011

winter wonderland

Yet again.  Coming down nicely out there tonight; didn't start till maybe an hour ago. redux redux redux. 3rd bliz since day after Xmas. I hear the plows outside my window - it is due to snow all day tomorrow and they are forecasting a foot.  Only a foot?? Doesn't sound right to me.

Bad night -went to bed at 2 and woke up at 4 - finally came downstairs at 5:30 a.m. Ridiculous. 
Made soup this morning and meatballs tonight - enuff for tomorrow night's dinner. Comfort food.  The  Meatball recipe came out of my Cucina Ebraica - one of my Italian Jewish cookbooks.(they are not mutually exclusive).  Ground beef, mint, nutmeg-garlic -basil, tomato sauce, lemon peel: a really lovely flavor. Fortunately, I have a pot of fresh mint I am nurturing in my front window.

So here's what happens when you clean up: you find things.  I now have 4 or 5 seam rippers safely in a coffee can on my ironing table.  Where they will go next, nobody knows.  In any case, either I am losing my mind or evil aliens are coming in at night and stealing things I KNOW I had.  Which is the more likely scenario?

See this fabric?  I don't buy commercial fabric but I saw it when I was teaching at Shiisa Quilts in Bloomington, IN last year and had to have it.  It just spoke to me.  Now I know why.
 I found this tonight when I was sorting through a bin of hand-printed stuff.  Gelatin printed with rubber bands, done well before I spotted that fabric above. No wonder it looked as though it belonged here! How weird is that?

I have spent much time on the phone since yesterday with the people at AMazon - no wonder I am so tired.  Marty's Kindle was misbehaving, so they sent another one overnight mail.  I have to send the not-working one back.  It is already a replacement for the original.  What else is new? In any case, at least it came quickly.  More than I can say for Jessica Kleiman & Meryl Weinsaft Cooper's book, which I pre ordered.  Too tired for the long story but it didn't arrive and the whole rest of the world - STRANGERS -- received their copies.  But the mother of the author?   Anyway, fter I carried on with Amazon they sent me out another one, gratis. Then the original one I ordered arrived. So now I can give one as a gift. I'm so proud of my kid!
 So now, to bed.  Maybe I can get more than two hours of sleep tonight.  I am perfectly happy to be snowed in tomorrow.  I made a bagel run this morning so Marty will have something to eat for breakfast.


quilthexle said...

You must be sooo proud - congratulations!!! Enjoy the snowed-in days ... we're in for more rain and even more rain ... (honestly, I would prefer snow ... that stuff at least looks nice, and nobody is annoyed when you're late because of it ...).

patty a. said...

I feel you pain with the sleeping. The last two nights I have woke up every 3 hours. I get up, go to the bathroom, get a drink of water, look out the front window, and go back to bed. I need to figure out what to do about this. I ususally fall back asleep right away, but I find that I just don't have the stamina to last all day. The crazy dreaming doesn't help either. Last night I had a nightmare that I had triplets! Yes that was a nightmare not a dream!

Eva said...

Isn't it wonderful that we have the internet and had telephone before? Figure how isolated people were more than 100 years ago...
The fabric story isn't such a surprise, because I had the experience, too, that new creations and favourites look a lot like the long forgotten ones. Call it "true to yourself"!
Will write another spell onto one of your fabrics soon.

Linda Branch Dunn said...

I'm ordering my copy. I assume the author's as talented a teacher as her mother.

Judy said...

Congrats to Jessica! She has been busy!
Enjoy your snow: I sent it special delivery! I have a package from Pro Chem that has been sitting at the local UPS place since last weekend....unable to be delivered due to our 'blizzard' on Sunday night. Our temps are so cold that nothing is thawing, which is unusual for us. I am taking the 4 wheel drive and driving several friends to our knitting group today. We are all suffering from a bad case of cabin fever!
Your meatballs sound great. I've enjoyed a marathon of soup making, but even that is getting old! LOL

xo and stay warm!

Francie said...

Hi Rayna,

I found my way here via a link at Diane Wright's site, whom I found via a link at Sue Dennis's blog. I've been laid up with a smashed hip, so have nothing to do but surf. I'm gobbling up your posts, and it looks, thanks to your favorite blogs list, like I'm going to have a lot more surf "fodder" to work through in the coming weeks of my inactivity!

I love your recipes, and your art... and your attitude. The words, 'playful', 'spontaneous', 'serendipitous', and 'no-rules' fit my creative style perfectly, and I'd like to take every one of your workshops! Do you ever come to California???

Your snow pictures and stories are awesome... almost impossible for a native California girl to believe!

Thanks for being there to fill up my days with inspiration. My best to you for a fabulous 2011!

Ted O said...

I've taken to visiting your Blog in place of the Weather Channel -- your descriptions are much more interesting! Have you thought about weaving weather maps into your winter designs...?

Vicki said...

I've concluded that seam rippers multiply when you are not looking. Last summer I couldn't find any, so bought three new ones for my sewing stations. In reorganizing my studio I found more than half a dozen, not including the new ones. Where were they hiding?
Hope you can get all the "stuff" sorted out!

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