Friday, January 28, 2011

where did the day go? Nowhere, fast.

So after I posted the pictures this morning, I put on my fleece-lined boots (which I have worn a record number of twice this winter (but only for cleaning off the car). Up to my knees in snow, I noticed the little men with the shovels working their way up the street. I knew I had to excavate the car before they got to me so the snow could be on the driveway before they arrived, instead of after.

MADWOMAN HAS HEART ATTACK SHOVELING SNOW OFF CAR ROOF. This was the headline I imagined, as I worked. By some miracle, it did not happen.  I came inside, made coffee and bagel and paid bills. I have such an exciting life.
We did not get shoveled out till 1:00, but by then the roads were clear and because there was no school and lots of people were stuck in, there was no traffic.  Delivered a ton of work for a show, which they are hanging tomorrow if we don't have another blizz. 

As long as I'm on the subject of art, here are a few more pix from the Michigan show I didn't put up the other night. 

 I couldn't see the labels or names of the artists in most of the photos, but this next one is by an artist named Deborah Campbell. It's possible that the above one is hers, too because it has a family resemblance to the art in the link to an exhibit curated by Patricia Malarcher for the Fiber Arts Network of Michigan. 

This last picture fascinated me - it was so mysterious and wonderfully 3-D. This show contained a lot of work by students in the fibers department at Eastern Michigan University.  Very cool stuff, IMO.
The artist for the above piece is Suzanne Boissy, an extremely talented graduate of this program at EMU.
Unfortunately, her website is being re-constructed and is down at the moment but I had tracked her down on Facebook and I'll let you know when her website is back up. Way cool art!  On that note,
it is almost 2:am so I'm heading upstairs.  

I know there was a whole other thing I wanted to talk about but I forgot and got sidetracked with the art.   Oh, I know -- what I'm reading.  Tomorrow.


patty a. said...

My goodness that is a lot of snow! I woke up this morning to - are you ready? - an inch of snow! Seriously, we have been really lucky with the majority of snow not falling in this area - Akron, Ohio. Be safe and don't overdo it!

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

glad you managed the snow! we don't want headlines like that! I had to shovel our balcony and I thought I'd fall over afterwards... oh yeah, that's why my arms are sore today! LOL! Good luck on your show! Hope you can make the 5th...lots' of interesting stuff to talk about.. hugs

Judy said...

I love that last picture too....and love the figures in the pic below it.
So glad you didn't have cause for headlines with a hear attack. Do you often think in terms of headlines? I do.
Thought of you when I heard the news of all of the snow in Central Park. Sorry you all got hit again, but so glad that we did not.


Sue Erdreich said...

The Watchung Arts Center is right near me, so I'll definitely try to check out the show.

I got a 17-year-old heart to clear my car and driveway. :)

tiedyejudy said...

I'm crazy for the first picture in the Michigan show... is that couching that created the 3-dimensional quality of the stripes? And the fabric is wonderful! I definitely want to try something like that...

Eva said...

We want headlines about you as an artist. So take care!

Kathy said...

The Michigan show is really worth a visit if you're in the area. I don't exactly remember, but I think the first piece is a weaving. The lovely hanging that looks so 3D is actually a very delicate, gossamer piece. It's very organic. I'm going to try to get back later in the month. I'll take better notes.

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