Wednesday, January 05, 2011

studio time

I went to the studio today and I hope I left my camera there because I can't find it.  I dont remember taking it out of my bag; can't think what I was going to take a picture of.  But oh well, I'll look tomorrow.

Because I have to  empty this room at home to get new carpeting and then have it painted, I have to get all my STUFF out of here and into the studio.  So I decided today while I was there to reorganize. I spent most of my time putting labels on the tops of dye jars and paint jars, moving the dyes to one shelf, and sorting fabric. I even through out some nearly empty paint jars that were gunky. Big step! Now the place is a worse mess than it was when I walked in, but it always gets worse before it gets better.

Last night I sewed -therapy sewing -- trust me, it works -- just making random blocks and throwing them into a plastic box.  We'll see what develops.

Tonight, I made an example for a class I'm going to teach: Cinderella Quilts: Reinventing the UFO.
I have to send it to the guild so they can show it to their members and they'll get the point of the class.  Of course, this is not a sample that anybody can possible copy - but it is just an example (I should use that word instead of sample) of what can be done.  I'm still on this ugly block kick and am having fun with it.
Here's what I did tonight.

I will admit it's a big nerve-wracking to play around and at the same time worry about whether other people (aka prospective students) will like what I did with something.  But I'm pretty happy with this transformation.  Tomorrow, it goes in the mail.  I love teaching this class!


Gerrie said...

That is some jazzy transformation.

Elizabeth Bennett said...

Snazzy transform. Not being a pastely person, I thought (upon looking at the two pieces in left to right order) ho-hum, then wow... and then realized ho-hum was part of wow! A good lesson for me this morning! Thanks!

Linda said...

Sounds like a great class to me. Can't believe where you take those old blocks. I'm doing therapy watercolor at the dinner table before dishes now. Love that evening light.

O'Quilts said...

Your students will think that you are creative and you will be role modeling for them the freedom of creativity without the quilt police...yeah for you.

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