Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ugh yecch ick

If this sounds like a complaint, it is.  Not enough that we had freezing rain and ice this morning; we have it coming tomorrow morning, too.  In fact, it is still raining.  I cleaned 6" of ice off my car today in the rain and came in with frozen hair.

Mostly cloudy. A chance of freezing rain and rain in the morning...then a slight chance of rain in the afternoon. Highs around 40. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation 30%. 

Spent the rest of the a.m. with bills and paperwork and didn't even go to the mailbox, which is in a cluster a few houses up the street. No thanks.  It would have been a perfect day to stay in bed and sleep all day; I wish I could have.

One more deer-in-the-headlights photo I forgot to post from last night at dusk: just look at those eyes! This is the one who just stood and stared at me, daring me to come closer.

On another topic: when I am working, I document every stage and permutation as I go along, with photos.  Well, maybe not every one but those worth considering.  While I was cleaning out my photo files (which continues a little bit every day) I came across some in-process pix from 2009.

 In the end, I took them all down and I'm not sure how many of those fabrics I still have.  At any rate, I dug out the two I had started with (I happened to have them in my sewing room at home, amazingly) and put them up on the wall. I'm not sure I want to add anything.

I'm not sure whether it is done - but I am done.
à demain,


Libby Fife said...

That is one spooky looking deer. Chubby too with the winter coat.

My favorite part of the post was the part where you had frozen hair. Thanks:)

patty a. said...

We have been so lucky with the weather here in Akron. The temperature yesterday went up to 39 so that it just rained and didn't freeze. Today we have a dusting of snow and it is just spitting. You do have a lot of snow! I really like the piece with the tree - it looks done to me!

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

The weather has been dreadful... but your piece is looking great! I'd sure love to have a playdate with you... Will you come to the empire show to see our quilt? I'll be around on that Sunday, the 27th.. maybe the 26th afternoon if I am not to jet lagged, coming back from PERU!

Dianne Hricko said...

Hi Rayna... talk about a deer in the headlights. It looks as though you interrupted something important by the look of that indignant stare. Keep chipping away at the ice... warm here in Phila. today but I think we are getting more snow. Great to see the work.

Gerrie said...

I used to hate that freezing rain stuff in the NE. I like the minimalist look of the tree on that background.

Eva said...

You have my sympathy for fighting the ice and snow. We're having a break, all the snow is gone, and I'm so grateful! But you never know. Hope you don't have to drive so much.

TALL GIRL said...

Rayna, come visit! We are having tourism board weather. It is divine...also translates to someone has to suffer for this.

Susan Ettl said...

It is in the 70s here in AZ. Come for a visit then go onto CA to visit Carol.

Judy said...

funny you should post the lovely tree pieces, as I'm falling in love with naked trees these days

sorry about your weather, but our forecast is almost the same as yours, and we're much further south than you AND, as you know, far less prepared for it!

ugh yecch ick is right!


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