Friday, January 28, 2011

my creative day

Your window of unrestrained creativity may be closing soon, so don't procrastinate now. Look into your recent past to see what you've already accomplished and make a list of what still needs to be done. Concentrate on finishing up old projects today; don't wait for a better time because this may be your best shot. Take advantage of the opportunity while it's staring you in the face.

Well, the best I could do with this one was the look into my not-so-recent past.  Tonight I am shredding papers, which also qualifies as finishing up old projects - aka - getting rid of old STUFF.  Right now, I have just finished eating a huge lump of Valharona baking chocolate because I needed a tranquilizer after having looked at all those old bills.  That was a mistake, but also an education.  Here's what i learned (that I didn't need to be reminded of)
as I shreded bills and credit card receipts from 2000-2002.  In the last decade...
  • our real estate taxes have nearly doubled
  • our gas & electric bill has doubled
  • the price of a gallon of gas has doubled
  • the price of a NY Times subscription has doubled
  • our condo maintenance has gone up by a mere 39% 
I won't go on with the list, but you get the picture.  Ha ha - the only thing that has gone down is our income, since my husband retired. Of course, our eating-out bills have also gone down  -- but that means our grocery bills have gone up.  You can't win.

All those little shreds seem to take up more space than the actual paper. But since they have your social security and/or credit card number all over them, you have to shred everything. Then, when you have these teeny shreds you have to dump them into paper bags for the recycling.  AND THEN you have to sweep up all the shreds that missed the bag and are all over the kitchen floor.

These bags are in the garage -- a mere drop in the bucket.  I finally gave up chasing shreds and against all recyciing principles, dumped them into a big plastic trash bag where they don't get on the floor.
the last time I did this I made a postcard of shredded paper. Maybe somebody bought it - I don't remember.  Then there were the phone books from the last 3 years. I threw out several but kept one in case (of what??)

So this was my creativity for today - shredding paper.   The high point of my day was going to Staples to buy toner for the fax machine, so you can imagine.


Erica Spinks said...

I put all my shredded paper in the compost heap. It rots down beautifully and then it feeds my garden.

Karoda said...

you could always use the shredded paper as a resist and screen dye/paint through a screen over it.

Anonymous said...

What brand of shredder do you own? The last time _I_ did that much shredding on one day, I burned out the (not cheap!) shredder's motor!

Clearing away space so you can create counts, too.

:) Linda

Maggie said...

Horrendous job all that shredding. We now have a small shredder on the sideboard in the dining room... and shred as we go. So much easier. Beats shovelling snow though! ;0)
Best wishes

Eva said...

Cost going up all the time -- we experience that, too. Even with a constant income, you can hardly cope. And service isn't getting better, on the contrary. As a free artist, you can raise your prices, but how high before people start complaining?

Gail P said...

I used to try and make paper with the shreddings, but haven't done that in awhile. I try to shed once a month so I don't run into those times of discovering where the $$'s went and how much things have increased. "The snow looks pretty to me," she says where the temps have been in the 70's. I'll try sending some clean and warmer weather your way. Hugs!

margaret said...

The phone books are ever so useful as throw-away palettes when painting - or when spreading glue on things - just rip off the messy pages as you go.

Leslie Tucker Jenison said...

It conjures up quite a picture, Rayna. I seem to have a big bag of shredded paper every week.
When I was oil painting I used the phone book pages to wipe off my palette knife.
Take care!

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