Tuesday, January 11, 2011

no blogging tonight

I have spent the entire day cleaning up my sewing room and while I am still not finished, I'm getting there. Of course, now that it is - ahem - organized - I have started to do some therapy sewing so I can get rid of the boxes and boxes and boxes of scraps and strips and smidgens and bits.  And maybe when I am all done with these random things there will be enough for a joyful quilt for my girl. Or more.

We shall see what tomorrow brings with the snow: plenty of time for sewing? THAT would be nice.


sewinggeek said...

Oh I am sew with you on this one. I had a change of plans last weekend and so I went to my lair aka. - my sewing room - and spend Friday night and Saturday all day reorganizing.
I have found things I didn't know I had and I am still looking for my labeler. But I too realize how much scraps and stuff I have. Enough stuff now I have to start to create.
This afternoon I have devoted to play!
I can not create in a disaster - I just end up with one! lol

Cathy Bargar said...

Love it, Rayna - I have never heard anyone else admit that "cleaning the sewing room" ACTUALLY involves sewing up all the random (and ever-tinier) scraps and bits together - what you call therapy sewing, and I actually call "cleaning up my sewing area"! Do you think normal people just sweep all those goodies into the trash?

And, btw, I'd be more than happy to take your scraps off your hands! For real! I'm crazy-addicted to other people's (well, people with good taste) scraps. Let me know - I'll pay postage, or maybe you want to actually sell them for cheap?

Eva said...

Very cur to see t q f y daughter. Tryn t mk a short comm so y h mo ti to sew!

wlstarn said...

Am I the only one who sees the irony in blogging about NOT blogging? LOL!

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