Saturday, January 15, 2011

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Spent a delightful couple of hours this morning hearing Jack Walsh talk about his quilts and showing slides of some I hadn't seen before.  He also brought a couple of pieces with him, including one of Pauline Burbidge's that I would happily have grabbed and run out with.

Jack is such a delight - his lectures are always funny and full of anecdotes and charming - and always different.  I have heard him speak so many times about his collection, but I never get tired of hearing him.
So that was a good way to start the day.  I was home before 1:00 and got organized for dinner, which was a reply of the awesome mussels I made last week.  Our friends made it tonight because there was no snow. Yay. it was lovely and relaxed; there's nothing like good friends, good food, good drinks!

I couldn't tell you how I found this blog tonight but here is a post you simply must read. Funny and pathetically sad at the same time.

As you know, I have been cleaning up my sewing room. Sporadically.  The other day, I was playing with fabric combinations as I went through the stuff and was sorting.  Couldn't resist seeing what worked with what before I put it away.

Need beauty sleep for my trek to Brooklyn tomorrow morning. VBG.



Karoda said...

Safe and uncomplicated travel tomorrow! and the fabric discoveries are fantastic! I would have gotten sidetracked also after finding them.

Eva said...

These combinations of fabric are beautiful! So good you still had time to play.
I read the linked posting, and it was no surprise, because it isn't much better over here. My DH comes home each day with anekdotes about lacks of intelligence on the side of the customers and his mates as well. The unneeded German reform of spelling has caused a catastrophe. A complete mess. People have given up all rules -- out of despair. Which has the effect that reading slows down to a spelling tempo sometimes; meanings get distorted. The structure of German allows and forgives less changes than English which is a lot more flexible, a system of modules, whereas German is an interlinked construction. You can't remove bits without the whole sentence collapsing.
This may not cover the cases of ignorance mentioned in this posting; but I believe in language being a structural base for intelligence, too.

Beverly said...

Hope you had a safe trip and wonderful visit with Miss Emma- she is looking like quite the charmer!

And thank you for the link- she gives me the perfect way to think about my age, since I turn 60 today. I'll just keep telling myself I'm a much younger woman who's just happened to live 60 years. Works for me!!

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