Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Uh, this is yesterday's horrorscope which was still valid when I started to post this entry.

Slow down and take life as it comes today, or you could take on more than you can handle. You could also miss a chance to win somebody over. So concentrate on what is happening in the here and now, instead of trying to conquer new horizons. You will have ample opportunity, and sooner than you think, to spread your wings. Meanwhile, what you need may well lie close at hand.

Boy - did I slow down! Here's how it came today: Got up and turned on the shower to discover there was no hot water. Sure enough, the 8  year old water heater (guaranteed for 6 years)was leaking like mad all over the basement floor.  Why does this never happen in the warm weather? We replaced the original water heater in 2002 --  (they built the place in 1989 - so water heaters lasted longer then: shocker!) and I remember the plumber saying, as he pointed to the new tank,  " Here's your new fur coat."
Well, its replacement arrived today.

Of course, several things had to be brought up to code.  And then there was the water filter faucet that has been leaking since last week: a new one is on its way and I imagine that the plumber's bill for installing it will be worth at least a pair of mink-lined boots.

 What did I do to offend the water gods??  

By now- which is already today -- I have given up on writing more.  I thought that once we had hot water the rest of the day would be fascinating enough to write about.  Wrong again.  I did paperwork all afternoon and tonight I really did sew!  Therapy sewing - just doing, not thinking. And then I finished the book I was reading. And now I am going to bed and look forward to a HOT shower tomorrow morning.


Libby Fife said...

I just can't believe the stuff that happens to your appliances! You have some bad appliance mojo or something:) I hope it gets fixed and soon.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

LOL! DRAT! those things always happen when it's not fun... for us, over xmas, Hubby pulled the car out of the garage, started to drive down our snowy driveway, and the car died. right there in the middle of our SHARED THREE family driveway with a foot of snow all around... no one could get in our out... I had to untie the ROPE from my daughter's red SLED, to attach it to the bumper of one car to our other car, to move it slightly out of the way so people could get through... (thank god I'm a farm girl!)

Stay warm, and DRY! ;-)

Cathy Bargar said...

Of course we all know that it is the PLUMBER'S new fur coat he meant! Or his kid's year of college, which is what I always think when my dentist tells me I need umpteen-thousand dollars worth of dental work. (No offense to anybody's fee scale - we're all just making a living the way we know how! As fiber artists certainly know...)

Gerrie said...

That is just not right! I never thought about water heaters dying. Maybe I have never lived in one place long enough!!

Sandy said...

Well, damn! My Boston water heater is 12 now and the FL one is from 1993. They both are fine, (knocking' on wood here!) but that said, I guess maybe somebody should check these puppies out before there's an emergency! So- I'm waiting for you down here- should I put the cookies away? Miss you, my friend!

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