Saturday, January 22, 2011

this is getting old

View from my front door AGAIN this morning.  Wednesday it was a few inches of ice; today THIS. Another foot on the car, it looks like.  I put on my shearling boots and cleaned off the car.  Then, because, as you might be able to see, we were plowed in, i had to shovel -- SHOVEL, mind you - a 100 year old woman shoveling!!!! a path so Jennifer-the-caregiver could tromp through the pile in the street and through the snow to our front door. Eventually the little men with the shovels came, but that was not till this afternoon. 
Working backwards - yesterday I was in the studio -- no, let's make that the STUDIO!!! for a couple of hours.  I was a happy person, even though I spent the whole time sorting and filling trash bags and the place looks worse than ever.  Besides, I left my cabbage soup there, so now it will not only look bad, it will smell bad. Ach.
Next time I'm there (Monday??) I will either shove all that stuff on the table out of sight or I will iron and sort and fold it.  What's your guess?

In other news, I was happy to see that my book is ranked #91,800 out of over eight million books sold.
And a bunch of people bought the Kindle edition - although I can't understand why they would want it in black and white.

Worked on Emma's quilt and also on that tree piece that was on the wall.  Also went to an art opening tonight but it was too crowded to take pictures and anyway, we came home after 1/2 hour because Marty was tired of standing.

While I was sewing, I had some brilliant thoughts I was going to blog about but now I am too tired.  If I still remember them tomorrow, I'll blather on about them. It is 2:am;I hope I can sleep a little later tomorrow.


Gerrie said...

Your blog is my favorite bedtime story.

Libby Fife said...

I liked the part about the men with the little shovels. I could use those guys for my cluttered thoughts!

Karoda said...

There are 2 things that keep from from being a total hermit in winter...not having room for studio space or a deep freeze to stock up on food for the season. Just reading about you shoveling makes me want to rub on some ben-gay!

Lisa Kerpoe said...

Love the studio pics. It always gets worse before it gets better.

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