Saturday, March 13, 2010

longer days ahead

Hooray - spring ahead tonight!  Of course, there is a roaring rain and wind storm out there, with 60 mph winds predicted.
Branches down when I went out late this afternoon to see my mother -- and some flooding.  I was supposed to go to an art opening tonight but once I was in, I was IN.  And the town has cancelled tomorrow's St. P. day parade due to weather.

All this talk about UFOs made me think I should open the trunk next to my chair and see what was in there.  AHA! Just as I suspected - some pieces filed under "What was I Thinking??"  Oops - now that I've unearthed them, I can't ignore them. Early 1970's era calicos and poly/cotton that smells vile. Are you ready??
                        notice how my toes blend right in.
I either stopped before I finished or decided it was so ugly I should take it apart.  The blue is the offending blend - can you see the shine?

But WAIT - there's more!!  A Log Cabin that I started to take apart (oh,all that work:-(((.  I must have gotten a real bargain on the bright blue poly/cotton. 
   What, indeed, was I thinking??? Now I'm thinking - can these UFOs be saved? And is it even worth it to try?

I am turning the clock ahead so it is after midnight and will try for a night's sleep  Tomorrow, I'll show you some of the good things I found in the trunk.


Eva said...

Tried some overdyeing and discharging on the last piece in photoshop -- by changing colors and copying one of your prints half-transparent over this one. Not bad! It's a challenge.

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

oooh! I foresee some fun coming up... Let's see what happens to these trunk finds!
How 'bout that wind? One of my dogs was terrified, and was keeping me awake,shaking the whole bed in fear...
but today, i see daffs poking there heads out of the ground and even some onions I missed pulling out of the ground last fall! there growing again!

Kathy said...

This may sound like treason to the experimental soul, but what about a poly batt, a pillowcase backing (no binding involved), tying them and sending them off to an animal shelter? Out of sight, out of mind, being cuddled by something needing a soft touch.
Hope the wind stops by May. I'm counting the days to some city energy.

Judy said...

Wow, seeing that you too made such creations, makes me feel better! LOL


Gerrie said...

The log cabin piece made me laugh out loud - that is some color work!!

Barbara said...

I think every sewing room must have those unfinished projects that just hang around until someone rediscovers them. They always make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

These are pretty garish...I think I would overdye them....then they might be presentable.

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