Monday, March 08, 2010

Sunday traffic

We waltzed into Brooklyn in 58 minutes and it took us an hour and 45 to get back to NJ.  While we were sitting in traffic, I did a drive-by shooting with my iPhone.  No idea what I had till this minute. Took the Manhattan Bridge across to Brooklyn going in and I loved the way the light caught this building on Flatbush Avenue.

My brilliant idea to take the Brooklyn Bridge to avoid Canal St.on the way home was not so brilliant. But I got some good pix as we approached the bridge. It's hard to see the hordes of people walking across the bridge on the left, but if you click, you might see them better.  It was a beautiful day for walking.

Now we're on the bridge and you can see the other side.

Now we are approaching the approach to the approach to the Lincoln Tunnel. I love these buildings.

Tour's over. Remind me not to take this route again. 


Eva said...

Thanks for taking this route. Your descriptions seem to take me there, a lot more than anything on the internet could. I saw a report about the building of this bridge and I was wondering if it still has this pedestrian walk. Now I know.

Helen Conway said...

Seems to me that an extra 50 mins or so for all that extra inspiration is a good deal. (but I woudl not have felt that way if I'd been in the car!)

Gerrie said...

Driving from Brooklyn to NJ - not on my list of fun things to do!!

Sujatha said...

Drove to NY couple of Fridays ago and were caught in inching traffic at the GWB...and we had this car ahead of us stopping to take pics....there was space for at least 5 cars between her and the one in front of her....Slowed us down even more...Mighty irritating!! And then to my husband's annoyance..I too started clicking with my phone!!! Haha!!!

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