Sunday, March 14, 2010

more on knitted trees & trunk treasures

NJ isn't the only place with mad knitters. I got a delightful email from Amy Stockwell, a former student of mine who lives in Decatur, IL. Decatur, apparently has a better sense of joy and humor than Cape May, NJ! Here is Amy's tree hugger on the left and the recent article from the Decatur paper is here. Dollars to doughnuts, the Decatur artists didn't have to pay for permits. Did they, Amy?

This is my pink and brown log cabin top, BTW. Not bad from a distance.

I did say I'd show you what else I found in my trunk - and I have to admit I can't chop these up.  Dozens and dozens of wonderful vintage blocks from 1880s-1930s or '40s. I bought them in Florida many years ago, intending to sell them. Maybe I will do that now. Or not.
Most are machine pieced, proving that machine piecing was in use at the turn of the (last) century. No 1/4" seam for those women! Most are more like 1/8" Quite a few are hand-pieced, even within the same batch.
I don't feel too bad because those last two are sort of ugly - but they might make a great quilt put together. Maybe I'll play with them and see.

Meanwhile, I have already slashed into one of those yellow and blue star beauties from yesterday and am not going to bed tonight till I see what I can do (if anything) with it!


Chris said...

Your Log Cabin is lovely. I'm especially fond of log cabin quilts. They have such a rich history.

Judy said...

you really did come across some lovely old blocks!
can't wait to see what you did last night before you went to bed!


Rayna said...

The blue and yellow ones are just too ugly for words - I think it's not worth my effort. The smell of that polyester gets me.

Barbara said...

You've shown again and again that it's all about juxtaposition. Rearranging and recombining can cure a lot of evils!

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