Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I'm back

To the scores of fans who have written to ask where I have been -- the answer is - nowhere. Actually, in my studio. I finished up two pieces which need facing. And I've been printing till I am blue in the face...well, not literally. This is an example of why you should not print when you are tired. I know exactly what I did: I just don't know why. The good news is that if I ever need to make a quilt about mould and mildew, I have the perfect fabric. Here is a piece I printed earlier in the day. It is not quite finished, but good enough to take your mind off of that other thing above it. And now, I am going to bed. Crit group here tomorrow and I need to be energetic!!


mary m. said...

I like both pieces....they'd work well together in a quilt.

Judy said...

Rayna, if you don't want the mouldy top piece, bring it on down to me when you come south! While I can see that it's not what you want for your printing, it would be awesome in something else!
Enjoy your day with your crit group.

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