Thursday, March 09, 2006

pot luck

Last night I buried the pot in which I steam my fabrics. I suppose that it wouldn't have rusted right through the bottom if I had emptied the water every time I finished using it. But then again, it was a cheap stockpot - what can you expect from the supermarket for $8.99? It doesn't owe me anything, but this meant going out to buy another one. It still means that because I came home empty-handed this morning. First stop, K-Mart. They had a lovely Martha Stewart graniteware pot with a steamer thingie included, but it was only 7 qt. Too small. The Shop-Rite, where I had bought the original one, was out of them. But I did get some pretty good looking strawberries, 2 for $5. And two packages of Cafe Bustelo for $1.99 each, which I bought because the supermarket was out of the Melita French Roast beans they normally carry. "WHAT," you may ask, "is THAT THING?" Well, it is actually TWO things: part of my haul from Amazing Savings, my third stop: a sort of imitation Dollar Store, where alll the prices all seem to end in .99, mostly preceded by another digit. These are ART SUPPLIES, of course. 6 foil pans for gelatin plate printing (19 cents each - an exception to the rule since they couldn't make them .99 each. They could have made them .09, though).

2 pairs of scissors (I am always running out of scissors for some reason) for $1.99

1 calculator (cheaper to buy a new one than to find a battery) for .99

2 (count 'em) 12-1/2" square FISKARS plexi rulers with BIG numbers. A size & shape I rarely use, but how could I leave them there for .99 each??

1 package of six magnetic clips for .99, one of which is attached to the .99 thingie that calls itself a whipit whisk. The thingie is for - you guessed it -- printing. It's metal, so it can go into the wax. And the magnetic clips, o clever moi, are for lifting things OUT of the wax without burning my little fingers. I hope. Maybe.

My final stop was at the garden center, which did not have urea. But hey, you can't have everything. And I may have to convert my 40-year old aluminum spaghetti pot into a steamer for fabric and treat myself to a new spaghetti pot. We'll see.

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