Monday, March 20, 2006

a new must-read!!

If you read my post about this new book on QuiltArt, you can scroll down to the rest of the post. BUT - if you missed it, you have to know that a new book for artists is about to hit the shelves -- a follow-up to the wonderful, "Art & Fear" by Ted Orland & David Bayles. Ted has just written "The View From The Studio Door: How Artists Find Their Way in an Uncertain World," which is not exactly a sequel - but it's definitely related --more or less a companion piece. If you haven't read "Art & Fear," run to the nearest bookstore or and grab one. I read it periodically for sustenance and encouragement the way I used to read Dr. Spock when my kids were babies. While "Art & Fear" looked at the problems we face as artists when we go into the studio and look at a blank design wall, "The View from the Studio Door" takes a practical look at the realities facing a working artist. I understand that it's more philosophical than its predecessor - but I'm sure it will be just as worth reading. At any rate if you go to Ted Orland's website, you can get a signed copy for only $12 including postage. "The View from the Studio Door" will be available in bookstores (and sometime in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for it. Of course, your copy won't be signed if you buy it in the store...My signed copy is already on the way! I can't wait. On another note - with all the talk about deconstructed screen printing or 'breakdown" printing, as Claire Benn is calling it, I decided to shift gears a bit today. I'm on my way to unwrap the fabric I just steamed and hope to get back to you before the night is over with pictures, for better or for worse. It's another process I love - what a surprise.

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Karoda said...

Rayna, thanks for these recomendations and also I love the piece of fabric in the post above...titled or not!

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