Tuesday, March 07, 2006

the blahs

I just sent Gerrie Congdon a note telling her I'd be getting her package of fabrics from Handloom Batik out to her a couple of days late because I am fighting some sort of blah-producing bug which had me fall into bed at 4 yesterday afternoon and not get up till 9 this morning. Feeling better this afternoon (eating won ton soup and bagels - what a combination) and hoping to be more energetic after dinner. BUT HARK!! I am suddenly feeling miraculously better!! Two packages have just been delivered as I write this, and have perked me up considerably! Tjaps! Perhaps they can work some magic on this candidate for the "Can this Fabric Be Saved?" program. The problem with this fabric is that the first layer is paint. I think it was a demo piece of muslin for Printing with Found Objects. (bubble wrap, radiator grid, etc). Afterwards, I threw it into some leftover dyes. (pinkish color) You probably know that paint is a resist and the dyes will not change the paint. So -- I need to experiment with this piece to see if I can improve it or if It should be added to the dropcloth pile. Stay tuned while I brew a cup of tea and go downstairs to see what happens.

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