Sunday, March 05, 2006

opening day

Today was the opening reception of Beyond the Stitch II, the fiber show at the Ocean County Arts Guild (NJ) that Joanie SanChirico curated, organized, and hung. Rachel Cochran and I drove down the shore to the opening, admired the art, and enjoyed talking to several of the artists about their work. Joanie has posted the exhibit, and her pictures are so great that I did not even bother taking any...except this one of Rachel and Joanie, who hadn't seen each other since at least last summer, maybe even longer.

All of the work is finally up on the Beyond the Stitch website, so if you can't get there in person, go take a look. There were some interesting pieces - one in particular, Rachel and I discussed buying together and having joint custody - 6 months at my house, 6 months at hers. Harry Bowers is the artist and his work is always innovative and absolutely delightful. Fiber artist Nisha Drinkard had work in the show, as did Deb Schwartzman, so you can see the variety from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Joanie has done a fantastic job of curating over the years, and one of her best is the most recent mini show , aka Miniature International Textile Invitational that will be exhibited at the Quilt Guild of Dallas show, March 17-19. These works are all for sale and there is already a waiting list for many of the works if they are not grabbed up in Dallas. The people at the Dallas show get first choice, so the rest of us have to wait in line till the show is over. I've already reserved the piece I want if it is not sold - and Joanie's keeping a list - so if you see anything you love, I would suggest you e-mail Joanie and let her know, now.

The weather is bearable, though still not warm. But I was encouraged to see this when I got home and pulled into my driveway. The last blob of snow in my front yard, and the first stirrings of green. Hope springs eternal. Tomorrow, play day - although not at the museum. I have soda ash'd and dyed some fabric so I have a base to work on. Now I have to go and iron it all.


Gerrie said...

Thanks for the eye candy, Rayna! some interesting stuff.

Karoda said...

The work of Arle Sklar-Weinstein and Erin Castellan I found personally appealing and I loved Womandala by Yvonne Yaar.

Rayna said...

I think these were some of the best work Arle has done, and Erin does wonderful surface design.

Frances said...

Rayna as you can see I am very behind with reading blogs but am so pleased to be catching up, thanks so much for the links to these two exhibitions I have really enjoyed seeing Beyond the Stitich and will try to find time for the other exhibition soon, congrats for your quilts in Spun and for being on the postcard,
yours is the first blog I've read on my 'catch up' and due to the delightful links I haven't yet read any others, thanks,

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